2019 General Election Scotland UK Politics 29 November, 2019
‘Does he want to be PM, really?’ ‘It was worse than Prince Andrew’ ‘She has bagp...
2019 General Election UK Politics 26 November, 2019
Would you vote tactically? What worries you most about a Tory or Labour government? What would actually happen...
2019 General Election International UK Politics United States 25 November, 2019
My perspective on the UK and US elections – and how politics ended up like this
2019 General Election UK Politics 22 November, 2019
‘It’s insulting people’s intelligence.’ ‘The government is paying, so we are.’ ‘...
2019 General Election UK Politics 19 November, 2019
Have you decided yet? Who will win the debate? Will you put up with Boris to get Brexit? Week 2 of my General Election Dashboard
International United States 17 November, 2019
Think this impeachment hearing’s the end of Trump? Don’t bet on it
2019 General Election UK Politics 15 November, 2019
‘He put the milk in before taking the teabag out!’, ‘He’s a proper nutcase’, &#8...
2019 General Election UK Politics 12 November, 2019
Election priorities, best PM, preferred government, trust on the economy, best party on Brexit… introducing my General Election Dashboard
2019 General Election UK Politics 8 November, 2019
‘He’s a bit Trumpy for me’, ‘She seems quite right-wing’, ‘There’ll ...
International United States 5 November, 2019
Trump’s final countdown? It’s one year to the next presidential election
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