Are UKIP falling back in their target seats?

My latest round of constituency polling covers four seats in which I have previously found UKIP to be doing well. These include two seats where I found the party in second place to the Tories (Castle Point and Great Yarmouth), and two where I found them second to Labour (Cannock Chase and Great Grimsby).

In all cases I have found the UKIP share down, and in two of the four they have fallen from second to third. Labour are now six points ahead of the Tories in Cannock Chase, and 17 points ahead of UKIP in Great Grimsby, where there was only a single point between the parties last December.

In Castle Point, the Conservatives have extended their lead over UKIP from one to five points since February, and now lead Labour by two points in Great Yarmouth, where UKIP have fallen well behind.

Marginals VI 150427


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