Dirty Politics Dirty Times

A newly revised and updated edition of Dirty politics Dirty times, Michael Ashcroft’s personal account of his battle against an alliance of executives from The Times newspaper and leading New Labour ministers is now available to download (publication date 08 July 2009).
The book reveals the dirty tricks that were used to destabilise the Conservative Party, including the newspaper’s bribery of US government officials, the abuse of parliamentary privileges by New Labour MPs and financial intimidation by former Government minister, Clare Short.
It charts Lord Ashcroft’s successful fight back against this campaign culminating in official Government apologies and The Times unconditionally withdrawing its invented allegations.
The book also sheds new light on Michael Ashcroft’s private life; his childhood and love of Belize, his business career and his many and varied interests.

“Enthralling… a cracking good read”
Harry Phibbs, The Social Affairs Unit

“A rattling good yarn… (exposing) a saga of coke-snorting journalists (and) malicious leaks from the Foreign Office… a box-office thriller”
Paul Routledge, Daily Mirror columnist writing in The New Statesman 19/12/05

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