Minority Verdict

The result of the 2010 general election was closer than many people expected. Certainly it was closer than Conservatives hoped it would be. With 306 seats in the House of Commons, the Conservative Party was 20 seats short of the overall majority that looked all but assured only weeks before polling day. Minority Verdict: The Conservative Party, The Voters And The 2010 General Election attempts to explain why the Tories did as well as they did in May, and why they did no better. The book also gives an account of my involvement in the party’s target seats campaign, and my view of David Cameron’s decision to form a coalition government.

My motivation for writing this book was not to condemn the campaign. As with Smell The Coffee, my study of the 2005 election, I wanted to explore how we arrived at the result, and to help learn the lessons that will lead to the Conservatives once again being elected to govern with an overall majority.


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